In the present century most of us are familiar with Aura or bio energy. This is being taught as bio technology, bio chemistry in the Universities dealing with human cell energy. Aura is nothing but light energy, emitting from animate and inanimate objects. Like any energy it is not visible to our naked eye, but there are aura readers in India using their third eye. The aura has come to lime light after the discovery of Simon Kirlian photography (1939), but this is known to our ancients since vedic time. In Adharwa veda we see it as halloes around the heads of all Gods. This is referred as Divya kanti valaya or circular Devine light, which is nothing but Aura. Our great Vysa Maharshi, termed energies related to Jada shakti which means matter possess energy and he called life energy as Chi-Shakti (Chi=Prana) and Light Energy as parama- jyoti, in his version Lalita sahasranama. Latter our famous scientist sir Einstein has also used the same words in his famous formula E=mc2 where “E” stands for Energy, “m” stands for matter, and “c” stands for velocity of light. This work has reappeared to us after 5000 years.

We are being taught this modern science, forgetting our own ancient rich culture and heritage. As per our modern scientists the human beings are analyzed as a Bio Electro magnetic body*, where as per Vedic science Human represented as matter plus being stands for pranic energy. When prana goes away leaving the body then, the matter only remains in form ashes. It is said that the weight of the ashes is equal to the weight of the infant weight when born.

Secondly our scientists termed the ‘Earth’ as a huge magnetic body having North Pole and South Pole at its ends. It is surrounded by a net work of electrical grids carrying electrical energy and it can also be called Electro Magnetic body**.

Thirdly the Sun energy reaches as heat and Light energy is also called Electro Magnetic waves***
Correlating the above sentences having star symbols, we find Human beings, Light energy; Earth energies are similar in their properties and they are inseparable. These energies cannot be created nor destroyed. They always exist in one form or the other. Hence human being is the microcosm of the microcosm of the Universe responds to similar composition and frequencies. The Prana that exists is reappears as rebirth (punarjanma), which was emphasized in our Puranas. Taking the example of water (we possess 70%) it converts into vapor reaches the sky and reappear as rain from Cosmos. In similar way it appears that the prana reappears on the Earth. This is not an Indian philosophy, but this is a big unfolded Vedic science.

Light is a one of the form of energy, in which white light dispersed into seven VIBGYOR colors,(violet, indigo, blue, green, orange and red) is known to many of us. They have different frequencies and it is known as visible spectra in scientific community and the other frequencies cannot be seen with our naked eye. Aura also cannot be seen by naked eye, but with Kirlian photography it is made possible to see the light energy, using Poly Interference phography (termed as PIP).In this photography a healthy man can be seen surrounded by vibgyor colors in perfect circles resembling haloes. Those photographs give different tones of light in VIBGYOR Colors. Now aura of animate and inanimate objects can be photographed to decide its Quality visually. Thermal photography has also comes in the market as light energy is built with frequency, wave, length, and temperature, Using the one of its property we can name the color which is visible from these photographs.

It is observed by Dr. Mannem Murthy a former nuclear scientist experimented with Twigs from the plants, vegetables, fruits, and also coconut is being repelled or attracted towards some objects clearly indicating the law of the universe. This action must also be related to the circular light emitting from these objects has their independent field forming a circular area. The vegetables or food cereals we are consuming found to be either they are magnetic or electrical in nature.

The cereals which are repelled from that particular human body are found to be not suitable to his system. They are when consumed gave adverse effect. These indications gave a new thought to create a gadget to quantify this energy field.

After ten years of hard work a proto type gadget known as Universal Thermo scanner (UT- Scanner) has been brought in use and it has taken the present shape by 2005 as shown in the figure.


The UT- scanner is provided with PSB to produce a particular frequency, which is energized with nine volts battery with built in sensors. The whole instrument is mounted on L-shaped structure (but it is not a conventional L-rod maintaining that ratio), moving on a set of bearings held in both hands as shown in the figure. There is a yoke having four poles at the edge of the instrument. There is a space provided for sample box, which can be inserted into the instrument. This gadget can measure and quantify the aura energy of solids, liquids, gases, instantly then and there in mannem’s scale (measured in meters represented as m’) after switching on the instrument. This is patented. Since this instrument is giving enough information related to energy. Many organizations and learned people have come forward and owned it for their use or procured for validation studies.

For Example:

  • Central Forensic Laboratories New Delhi, have Eight instruments after seeing the results. Contact no: Dr. Shukla 094418262878
  • Gurukul Kangri Vedic Viswa Vidyalaya Haridwar (U.K) to Study the energy levels developed after performing Agnihotra,Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra.( Contact No. Prof Gyan prakash, 09219513135)
  • Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi to diagnose the disease and to find compatible medicine suitable to patients frequency ( contact the Director; 09811211351)
  • Dr, Hemangi Zambekar Ph.D,Pune possessed the gadget to find the plant diseases and to select compatible medicine for Agriculture ( contact no 09822o42067)
  • Dr, Hira Taparia; Mumbai procured to study vastu (Contact no: 09820294575) and so many…

    NOTE: We are getting perfect results with the instrument but there is a missing link to understand the instrument with modern science, however the gadget is working with our own energy field (Aura energy) which is giving unbelievable results. Further it is working as a bridge between the Vedic Science and the Modern Science. Nature is first teacher to understand these energies, and the Hypothesis, Laws, and formulae’s are derived latter as per the development of the human brain. The instrument is a miracle but it is not a miracle for Nature as it included with in it.


The Universe is known as BRHMANDA is having abundant Energy.As we look in to the stars and Galaxy where light seems to be the source/seed to form matter. The instrument understands matter and Energy only in terms of AURA and its applications are possible in every field of science as every thing in the universe emits light energy
1). Vedic Science:

We discussed about abundance of energy in the Nature in form of light energy. The energy can be Positive (constructive) and Vedas called it Sakaratmak (called Devatas), OR Negative (Destructive) energy. Our Vedas called it as Nakaratmak ( called it as rakshasas).

U T- SCAN can detect and help us to understand these negative harmful energies, helping us either to avoid them or to neutralize them with suitable positive energy to balance the energy. Thus balancing energies is the law of the Universe. Correlating with Science this can be seen in the Universal Spectra where we can see the visible spectral rays and also the unseen radiations with the following nomenclature like Infra red rays, Ultra violet rays; Micro waves, Gamma rays, Radio waves etc. are very destructive in nature. This is known to our ancients and they have destroyed the techniques of the computer which was discovered by Sridharacharya during 850 AC by using Phanini

The above universal spectra there are visible spectral colors known as VIBGYOR are called RAYS, which builds us with constructive energy having a wave length of 400-700nm. There are non visible waves called RADIATIONS which are harmful for human health (>700nm ;< 400nm). Our saints called the Infra red radiations as RAHU which gives problems in the body and Ultra violet frequencies are called KETU which creates problems on mental level, the combination of these frequencies on a person called Shani dasha or Naga dosha. The spiraling serpents that we see in Lord Shiva temple are installed are symbolic of human DNA structure.

Any negative energy can be neutralized by similar frequency by using positive energy bearing opposite polarity, which is not known to many of us. In nature many remedies are available which can be tested with Universal Scanner to find suitable remedies either from Earth (Minerals) plant or animal origin. This creates a Vedic route which is not known to many of us though we are born in the soil working as scientists.

These can be neutralized by using Precious stones (Navaratnas) or Nine cereals (Nava Dhanya) or Yantra (Geometrical figures) Tantra (Sacrifice) or Mantra (Spell or sound energy)

In addition this Instrument can locate the Spirit energies ( preta-atmas) in the premises which are mostly related to murder, or suicide spots. It was surprising to us as we can work out remedies which can be applied to neutralize these frequencies. These can be identified by using IR & UV spectral samples in the sample box provided in the instrument.

For more details one is advised to read our book “The inbuilt Science in Vedic Rituals”

2). Medical applications:

By keeping the saliva sample in form of cotton swab in the sample box, the aura energy can be found out which is normally ranges from 2.5-2.8 m’. The saliva contains 150 proteins derived from different parts of the body and it can represent the whole body up to 99% safely. If the Aura energy measured is less,(2.0m’) it can be taken granted that the person is sick. The persons present in general medical ward found to have a energy range from 1.5 to 2.0 m’ and those who is undergoing treatment in intensive care unit have a aura of 1.0 to 1.2 m’.

A). Even from 5 meters distance the instrument can locate the particular organ/ organs which are depleted in its cell energy. It shows the location of depleted parts where energy is blocked. For these observations a little knowledge of physiology is needed.

The most advantage of the gadget is very small flexible and it can be carried any where unlike othr similar units. It can scan the body beyond the standards of CT–Scan and indicate the presence and source of negative energy which caused that problem in the energy level.

B). The instrument can select a suitable compatible drug, which is having similar frequency, opposite in polarity from Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Unani systems.

C). It can locate the origin and source of the disease irrespective either it is bacteria or virus.

D). It can locate unseen mystic Kundalini Chakras, measure their energy levels, quantify them and also rectify the problem with a supplementary gadget known as Harmonizer. By supplementing the depleted energy, the cells in the organ can be regenerated, provided they are rechargeable. The patient goes to slumber sleep under that condition and feel relaxed.

Based on the above finding we have opened Dr, Murthy’s Vedic Aura energy Research Center at Marredpally, Hyderabad – 500 026 in order to document the findings. Many persons who come under the category of incurable diseases are getting benefit. It is not only opened as a solution for incurable diseases but also the Harmonizer is able to neutralize the radiations absorbed in the cells.

For Details you are advised to read “Application of Aura energy in Medical science”

NOTE; to my opinion this gadget can do diagnosis, and perfectly selecting the suitable medicine can help the medical graduates to reduce the period of education similar to mathematical tables are replaced by calculator.

3).. Vastu and Astrology:
The modern Scientist would laugh at this subject as we had a similar opinion on it. When we have probed with the instrument our findings are astonishing. It is found that there is a relation exists between the
Sun Energy (electro magnetic waves), the Earth energy (magnetic field) have a variable relation with the geometry (building). Sand, steel, cement have reduced the positive energyof a residence compared to the houses prepared with mud huts having pyramid shaped top bare a high energies. The Vastu purusha as depicted by our ancients is a symbolic representation of high positive energy protecting the house. This is a resultant forces of two individual directions derived from sun energy and magnetic energy. In the Universe every thing is built in Geometry (house, man, leaf, grains the rock are also posses geometry/ shape), built with mathematics (number) and colour are found to be most important parameters to hold the positive energy for prosperity.

Further our ancients constructed monuments with out any motor using the principles of Polarity by selecting male rock and female rock, which is austonishing.

Apart from that 98% of us do not understand what is Geopathic stress and its implication on human biology? These are the radiations coming from underneath structures/ harmful minerals damaging our immune system. One can confirm 98% of the ailments are contributed by these harmful radiations. To have knowledge about them one should read about Heartman grids, Black spots,Ley luice, water lines etc.(It is a subject related to plate tectonics)

Even the conscious bones emit harmful radiations affects the human biology is the subject of modern times in Germany, Italy and France. Our ancients understood it by animal behavior where dog, elephants, cow cannot stay there while cats, bats, termites and bees prefer those cold and humid places including spirits.
The harmful radiations coming from high voltage lines, transformers near and around the house cause unseen damage and there is no hospitals to cure the diseases.

Lastly it is necessary to indicate VASTU means the THINGS or articles. Some of the articles, that we use in the house, bearing an energy relation with the other with interaction of aura. Some of the articles have the property of sapping the energy from our body causing several health problems have been not identified by us. Such articles are antiques, Skins, some dolls, yantras, including some kitchen ware (which undergo instant heating and cooling daily opt change their electronic configuration in the atom) Their electrons in the atom spins in anti clockwise direction not synchronizing with Earth’s rotation can bring pains, paralysis etc.
Some documentation has been done by us at our research centre based on that we published a book named “ Building Biology & Energy Vastu” is available with few case studies.

NOTE:Most of us know the structural vastu or directional vastu which contribute 20% and the main restless harmony in the residence is contributed by Geopathic stress.

4). Agriculture Science;
Plants are also bear life energy giving highest Aura energy compared to Human beings. Mostly all plants sacrifice most of their energies for benefit of the human benefit. Their seeds, herbs, flowers (Aroma) and every plant of the part serve the human directly or indirectly. Their Green color is mainly gives harmony for Human survival,(550 htz 550 nm).
This instrument is useful in many ways for selection of better seed, identifying pathological problems in advance, selecting the organic remedies like bio fertilizers/ pesticides suitable to the crop can be attended.
The adulteration can be tested with much ease provided original sample is available.
If the soil sample is given to the instrument it selects the crop which can give high yield.
Some documentation is done on this subject by working with the professors and Scientists of Acharya Ranga Agriculture University, Hyderabad.
“Application of Aura energy in Agriculture Science”is published by taking coconut disease known as Gynoderma.

Using the UT- Scanner one can identify the criminal from his finger prints to man, and then to his signature and blood / urine samples or to his photograph competently as they posses the aura or its frequency. Mostly attends the Forensic works
If a photograph is taken with in 15 hrs of the murder it can identify the photograph of the person whose aura is available at that spot when the incident occurs.
It also works as Police dog and lie detector.
It can locate the enemy and ammunition dumps on similar to the lines of Global positioning system (G.P.O) .For more details you are advised to read the “Application of Aura Energy on Police and Milatary Science

Dr. Mannem Murthy; Ph.D
Former Nuclear Scientist
O40-27733366 INDIA

It is vitally important for a human-made structure to honour and make connections with the physical environment.

This creates stability, acceptance by the spirit of the land, and very real anchor lines which allow energy flow between the structure and surrounding landscape.”
–Ivan McBeth

What is Geopathic Stress?

  • Geopathic stress is the effect of detrimental earth radiation and electromagnetic radiation on the health of your body.(Effects the functional communications related to any part of the human body).
  • The Earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center.
  • The rotation of the earth creates electrical currents in the molten metals found within its core, thereby producing a magnetic field.

When the natural radiations which rise up through the earth are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, sewers, drains, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.(Geological structures. Even the distinct human bones also give rise to electromagnetic radiations is called “SALYA”)

Natural radiation disturbed in this way can become harmful to humans. Mining can cause man-made disturbances to the earth’s magnetic field, foundations for tall buildings, quarrying, underground transport systems, and public utilities (sewage, water and so on).

Geopathic Stress is a term used to describe the cause of many different illnesses which are frequently stress related and difficult to diagnose BY ORDINARY INSTRUMENTS as they are invisible.

More often than not, the cause stems from magnetic energy disruptions within our homes or workplace. Geopathic stress is caused by one of three main magnetic energy sources working in isolation or together.

Underground water-flows beneath a property or structure. When a structure is built above underground water, the natural magnetic flow of the water energy is restricted, and disruptive vibrations are set up in the building. Thus, if we sleep above these flows, over a period of time, the body’s resistance can be affected, leading to stress and subsequent illness due to decrease in immunity.
  • Human beings have evolved with this background magnetic field; they are accustomed to living within its presence.
  • Geopathic stress occurs when the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field we normally experience is changed.
To better understand this, look at the illustration to the left. This is a drawing of an underground stream, showing how, in this case, unhealthy or “black” natural energies radiating upwards from the stream, and also at 45 degrees on each side, forming three lines on the surface which contain spirals or vortices.

They radiate upwards through all the floors of a house or building. There is also a ley line (many waves of “overgrounds”, from right of illustration) which focuses into the centre of the spirals, forming a powerful hot spot. A black ley line will tune into a black spiral and a white ley will tune into a white spiral. The reason the stream is emitting unhealthy radiation is that the stream is polluted, or the rock/substrata above is of a type which alters the energies to unhealthy (e.g. clay).

If you have your bed on one of these lines, or especially in the centre of a spiral, you could become seriously ill very quickly, depending upon your resistance to disease and some other factors.

  • Geopathic stress is a natural phenomenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health.
  • Depending on its source, geopathic stress may be found either as a line passing through an area, or as an irregular zone or pool.
  • Some places make us feel ill at ease. We just feel uncomfortable. We are often at a loss to describe or explain this sense. Geopathic stress is a likely cause.
  • Geopathic Stress is the only common factor in most serious and long term illnesses and psychological conditions.
  • Geopathic Stress was proved to the satisfaction of the medical profession over 70 years ago and in millions of cases ever since, that Geopathic Stress is very detrimental to human health.
  • However the Indian saints 5000bc used to test the soil by putting water in a 2X2X2 feet pit. If the water drains away and they confirms the presence of fractures and water in it. And they used to put a flower in the water to observe its motion. If that is clockwise movement the area is free from geopathic stresss or vice-versa
  • Geopathic stress can be caused by energies emanating from the earth vibrating at a level beyond the electromagnetic spectrum currently recognised and detected by conventional science and technology. These energies are often referred to as earth energies and can be bad, good or neutral.
  • Earth energies have many different features but most problems are caused by underground water streams and Straight energy lines often referred to as, Ley Lines, Curry Grid Lines and Hartmann Grid Lines.
  • Curry lines were discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann as a global grid network. As was the Hartmann global grid network discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartmann. It is mainly the crossing points on the Curry or Hartmann lines that cause health problems.
  • Any feature which affects the earth’s natural magnetic field will most likely also affect the earth energies as these are linked in some way.

Different Types of Geopathic Stress and other Phenomenon

  • Geological Faults are responsible for the stresses of our earth’s environment and within our lives. These faults release radiation from underground and could have an impact on people living above them. Geomagnetic Lines are positive or negative lines that run North to South within the land. When they are balanced, they offer us support in maintaining good health and well being.
  • Ley Lines are human thought and we could be affected especially when we are very connected to a place or person.
  • Water Courses  water located underneath the earths surface that holds energy.
  • Electromagnetic Fields are energy frequencies from our every day electrical appliances.
  • The Hartman and Currie Grids are grids of energy that can be disruptive in certain overstressed areas of the land.
  • Nexus Points are shaped in a figure eight and could have an affect on the electrical impulses of our brain and how we feel.
  • Psychic Impressions where the house or place remembers an emotional time or event.
  • Mobile Personal Lines are fragmented memories from the past that could be left behind from occupants that previously lived in the home. Signs of MPL’s are – cold rooms, strange noises and smells.


For the past few years, a good number of researches have been conducted on testosterone. What they found was that this single hormone has miraculous capabilities. It affects pretty much every aspect of your body and life. It will help you to maintain good relation, it will help you to look good and more masculine and it will bring your youth back.

A good amount of testosterone in your body is very important, but it is up to you, how you achieve it. The best and most risk-free way is through natural ways. Like exercise and diet but there might be a situation in which it is not possible. In that case, you go for external administration of testosterone through testosterone replacement therapy.

The list of the benefits of high testosterone is so large that it is worth investing your time and money.

 Benefits of high Testosterone

1) Relieves depression

Depression is one of the most common mental disease is today’s society. In America, around 7% of the population is suffering from depression. Make a guess, who can help depressed people fight depression. Testosterone, it is! Optimal levels of testosterone is linked with mental well being.

Plus, a study done at Harvard suggests that, patients who were not responding to the conventional anti-depressants had low levels of testosterone in their body. And, when these patients were given a dosage of testosterone along with antidepressants, they reacted to it quite well.

There is a fine link between testosterone and depression, but testosterone can surely help people who are not responding to the conventional methods to conquer depression.

2) Improves memory and concentration

Research done on a number of men(between 50-80), showed that the group that was injected with testosterone displayed an improvement in memory.

Another research suggested that increase in testosterone have improved some cognitive functions in Alzheimer patient. After heart, testosterone impacts brain the most. Improved concentration and memory were some effects shown by a number of studies.

3) Sense of well-being

Have you woken up with a sense that the world is beautiful, life is great, no task is conquerable?Or feeling healthy as a horse? The chances might be that your testosterone level might be high at that time. Testosterone makes you feel good. I think, this is one of the most important benefits of high testosterone because the ultimate task of the human being or as a matter of fact, for any creature is to feel good and happy. And, testosterone helps with that.

4) Low cholesterol

Having the low level of testosterone generally means to having high levels of cholesterol. The logic behind it is very basic. After receiving signal from the pituitary gland, the testicles start the production of the testosterone. The testosterone is produced by the testes by converting the cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the building block of testosterone. Hence, when the cholesterol is converted into “T”, its level automatically goes low.

5) Libido

A study was conducted on men between the age 40-70. The group which was given a high dosage of testosterone felt a significant increase in the libido. Many such studies have pointed in the same direction.

So, along with body and mind, testosterone also takes care of how you perform in bed. It is seen the reduction in libido is not actually a sign of aging, but it is a sign of low testosterone. As a matter of fact, low testosterone is cause of low libido in women too. High libido is most noticeable benefit of high testosterone.

6) Makes heart stronger

The most prominent function of the testosterone is to help muscle grow and to strengthen them. The Heart is the most important and most used muscle of them all. It pumps blood day and night. So, testosterone provides strength to the heart muscle. Plus, as it reduces cholesterol, which also decrease the risk of other heart related diseases.

It was found that the people suffering from Coronary artery disease(CAD) have low level of bio-available testosterone in their blood. A dose of testosterone was injected into their body, which caused dilation of the artery and allowed more blood flow.

7) Makes your a risk taker

Here is another benefit of having high level of testosterone in the body. According to a study, the testosterone level of men increase by 10% when they around beautiful women, which in turn, makes them take more risks. Yes, higher level of of testosterone gives the confidence and drive to men, to take more risks. And, in this world of competition, without taking risk it is impossible to reach any goal. Risk taking is one of the most important benefits of high testosterone, if you desire success.

8) Makes you energetic

Testosterone makes your more energetic and there can be many reasons behind this. The most significant is, increased production of RBC’s. “RBC” stands for “Red blood cell.” The main job of RBC’s is to carry oxygen from lung to the other part of the body.

Testosterone is responsible for the production of RBC’s. More RBC’s means the oxygen will be transported through out the body more efficiently. Apart from keeping you away from fatigue, more oxygen will also benefit practically every bodily function.

9) Improve sleep

A study done on a group of men aged 65 or above suggests that low testosterone is linked with reduction is sleep duration, less quality sleep, frequent waking up and disturbance while sleeping. Therefore, an optimal amount of free testosterone is responsible for the overall sleep quality.

The strange thing about this is that more sleep means more testosterone. Men who sleep less than 5-6 hrs at night has 10% less testosterone in their body. So, sleep for more testosterone and more testosterone means better sleep.

10) Weight loss

At the age between 30 – 40, depending upon person to person, the testosterone level in the body goes on decreasing. This decrease in testosterone increases the fat in a person’s body. The reason behind this is simple, less testosterone means more (estrogen: testosterone ratio).

And, when the amount of estrogen becomes relatively high in your body, it starts storing fat, especially in the belly region. On the other hand, testosterone helps to burn fat fast.  So, to reverse this effect more testosterone is required, whether you produce it naturally or take it externally.

11) Gives you a chiseled look

Have you seen a model in a cover photo and wondered how he got that razor sharp look? Actually, part of it is their body structure, but the factor is the ” free testosterone” flowing through their blood. As you know by now, testosterone helps muscles to grow bigger, get stronger and get hard. And, our face has around 33 different muscles and testosterone works its magic on these muscles to give you that Alpha male look.

12) Attracts more women

So, testosterone gives you bigger muscles, sharper facial muscles, reduce your weight and if this was not enough, it has something more to add to your overall personality to attract women even more. That is the smell. It has been found that women, especially during their menstrual cycle, rated the smell of men with high testosterone more attractive.

13) Increase bone density

An optimal level of testosterone is required to increase the bone mass. People who are suffering from Osteoporosis have low levels of testosterone. To increase or maintain good bone density the testosterone is converted into estrogen.

In people, with low T, this conversion is minimal, because your body don’t want to deplete testosterone as it increases estrogen simultaneously. Otherwise, your body will become estrogen dominant and that is not at all good for male. So, such people will have low density.

14) Less mortality rate

On top of all the above benefits, testosterone also increases the number of days you’ll live. The reason behind this is very simple. It makes your heart stronger, benefits your brain, decrease your cholesterol level, increase blood flow and many other things. It increases your body’s overall strength. Hence, it is obvious that you will live a long life.


There are a great number of benefits of having high testosterone. And, even worse are the effects of low testosterone level. At an early age 15-35 body still is capable of producing an ample amount of testosterone. Therefore, at this age going on testosterone therapy is not advised. Unless it is critical.

First, you have to find the reasons behind your low T. Little exercise and diet can considerably increase the testosterone. But, after a certain age that capability gets completely eroded. Then, you might need an external source of testosterone. In that case, consult your physician before taking any step.

Turmeric and Lemon Morning Elixir 

Starting the day with your morning routine may suit your needs just fine. A bit of yoga, maybe meditation, a shower, a healthy breakfast with organic coffee, and then out the door. Does this sound familiar? If so, your morning routine is already exceptional. But we have a mighty elixir that can compliment your regimen wonderfully.

You may have heard that warm lemon water will get those pipes working in the morning and optimize your health. You may even drink warm lemon water with Himalayan salt, or warm lemon water with honey in the morning. However, have you heard of warm lemon water combined with honey, cinnamon, and the most essential ingredient to this morning elixir, turmeric? If you have yet to try this one, you may be missing out on an excellent way to begin your day. All-natural lemon and turmeric are especially powerful ingredients that boast a wealth of beneficial properties. 

Lemons offer a tasty, tart flavor with many health-promoting properties. According to a study published in the Chemistry Central Journal (2015), lemons possess a treasure trove of natural metabolites. The study authors state, “Citrus fruits exhibit plentiful bioactivities including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antimicrobial and anti-allergy activities, as well as cardiovascular effect, neuroprotective effect, hepatoprotective effect, obesity control, etc.” Lemons are indeed a healthy ingredient to enjoy at the beginning of the day. However, when you couple lemon with turmeric, your health and wellness benefits increase significantly. 

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a yellow-orange spice that is part of the ginger family. Native to tropical South Asia, turmeric is well known in traditional Asian medicine and cuisine. More recently, its health benefits have been recognized in Western medicine. According to a study published in the Journal of Nephropathology (2012), “Turmeric, a neglected Asian traditional drug might reemerge as remedy and/or preventive tool for various illnesses including different type of cancers, obesity, type-2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, CKD [chronic kidney disease] and ESRD [end stage renal disease], which are steadily increasing globally, claiming many lives and tremendous amount of resources worldwide.”

One active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been the focus of several academic studies. 

Curcumin may alleviate inflammation: According to research from the Department of Stomatology at the University of California, San Francisco, curcumin possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The research, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2004), found that curcumin, “may exert its anti-inflammatory activity by inhibition of a number of different molecules that play a role in inflammation.”

Curcumin’s anticancer potential: Curcumin may play a vital role in cancer prevention, according to a study published in BioMed Research International (2014). Previous research has highlighted curcumin’s antioxidant, antibacterial and antitumor properties, according to the study, which concluded, “Curcumin, a vital constituent of the spice turmeric, is an alternative approach in the prevention of cancer.” 

Therapeutic applications of curcumin: According to a review study published in the AAPS Journal (2013), “curcumin has shown therapeutic potential against a number of human diseases,” including multiple types of cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, peptic ulcers, psoriasis, H. pylori infection, Alzheimer’s disease, acute coronary syndrome, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and respiratory tract infections. 

The Turmeric and Lemon Morning Elixir
What you’ll need…

  • ½ a lemon, squeezed for juice
  • ¼ – ½ tsp turmeric
  • ½ tsp honey
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 cup warm water, or milk

How to make it…
Mix the lemon juice, turmeric and honey into your cup of warm water or milk. You will want to stir these ingredients well. Add cinnamon on top and continue to stir your morning elixir as you drink it — this will ensure that the turmeric does not settle at the bottom of your cup.

Turmeric with its main active ingredient, curcumin, may be that one healthy addition to your morning routine you’ve been looking for.